Our next Birmingham event

Thursday 14th June

Radisson Blu Birmingham, 12.00 noon - 2.00pm- Birmingham, B1 1BT


Time - Registration 11.00am for a prompt 11.15am start

Presenter - Chris Booth from McKellens Ltd

Topic - Stupidity - Why Irrationality Changes Everything!


Everything that happens in our life happens for a reason and sometimes the reason it happens is because we have been stupid and we have made bad decisions! Our decisions determine the quality of our results and when we make stupid decisions we are going to get stupid results. But don't panic - because stupidity is a brilliant commercial opportunity for whatever line of business you are in!! We are looking at some deadly serious Nobel Prize winning economics from Daniel Kahneman and his book Thinking, Fast and Slow. Now this sounds all a bit surreal doesn't it? But I can assure you that by the end of the session we will have seen how we make decisions and how we can protect ourselves and prevent irrationality from hurting us.


In this session on irrationality we will discover how we really make decisions and how we are affected by those decisions. We will look at the areas of death, taxes and the bit in the middle which makes it all worthwhile and how by changing what appears to be small insignificant things can have a dramatic impact on the outcomes we can expect. But also we will be looking at why irrationality is probably the most exciting and brilliant commercial opportunity there is. We will look at the two golden rules of irrationality and how we can apply them in our own businesses as well as five other real life examples of where irrationality really does change everything.

About The Presenter:

Chris Booth is a business growth advisor, professional speaker and Chartered Accountant. Chris has over 30 years experience of advising businesses of all sizes as a Chartered Accountant (and he is also Director of McKellens Ltd) but his passion is to help owner managed businesses, or more importantly the business owner, get to where they really want to be. And to help them ensure that their businesses are the most successful and enjoyable to run. Chris has been running Business Accelerator sessions for over 10 years and has seen fantastic results achieved by those business owners who are prepared to take on new ideas and concepts, adapt them and apply them to their businesses.


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Thursday 14th June

Radisson Blu Birmingham, 12.00 noon - 2.00pm

What members and guests say

"I thought the event was extremely well organised and all of the guests engaging."

Paul Colder
Evac Chair International Ltd

"The whole event was inspirational."

Maggie Ford
Spring Rites Speaking Skills